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Don’t buy into the misconception that marketing is easy, or that anyone can do it… or worse, that it is not necessary.  


Not only will we build your website in only a matter of days, we believe your website should be a living document that is consistently being updated. It is important to add content and keep your website alive so search engines "like" it. This includes developing content and videos.

Not only do we build your website, we maintain it. This is also where the blogging component of our services comes into play.


Blogging is how potential clients or customers get to know you before they ever actually interact with you. Or, maybe they have already met you, but now they will want to lurk around in the background to see what you are really all about, you know, like the cyber stalkers we all are when we are investigating a potential purchase. We don't want to talk to the sales person. We want to investigate for ourselves and then make a decision. This is the best place to show who you are and what your philosophies are.

We have a proven methodology that makes your blogs adhere to your mission, as well as your vision while keeping the tone your organization is looking to project.

Social Media

It has been said that "Content is fire and social media is the gasoline." We agree! Your website, blogs, events and all of your other offerings need to be seen by an audience wider than you can reach on your own. We make that happen by posting on your social media platforms for you. As always, staying true to your brand and your vision. We are happy to research a topic to write about it so it is inline with your brand.

We will build and maintain all of your social media platforms - including researching topics, photos and video.

We will create video content, from "movie trailer" type eye catchers to editing longer videos for various uses.


Pretty much every component of your marketing plan will have an analytics component. This will help us see what is working and what is not working. We will monitor these analytics and adjust accordingly.

These are especially important when we have our end of the fiscal year meeting to build our marketing plan for the next year. And our formal 6 month check in meeting to assess how our plan is going. of course we will be in constant communication. But we will spend some time twice a year getting together to specifically evaluate how things are going, implement new ideas and maybe stop or adjust some campaigns that are not working.


If you choose to implement a CRM system, we can help you customize the platform to meet your needs. We can help you keep your database clean by monitoring and maintaining the data.

Email/Drip Campaigns

We will help you build and implement drip campaigns. If and when the use of email blast, surveys, event registration, etc need to be implemented, we will take care of all of that for you.

Why use us?

We have the experience and years of knowledge to take your ideas, create a plan, and implement a strategy to make them a reality. 

What You Get

You get a team of marketing experts who will do what it takes to make your business a success. Let us do the research, writing, building, implementing and tracking for you.